Artist Development Centre Course Outline and Pricing

We offer a wide range of courses from which you can choose one to focus on or perhaps a selection to broaden your music knowledge in many different areas.

Course Options

  1. Beginner to Advanced Piano lessons – teaching style is based on classical methods with a modern approach. All courses are custom designed to the needs of the learner. Focus can be on tone and technique for great speed and fluency, the ability to accompany yourself as a singer or learn to play songs that you love.
  2. Learn to accompany yourself or another singer - having over 30 years of experience accompaning other vocalists including being a solo Piano Bar Entertainer accompanying myself as a vocalist, I will teach you how to listen to the vocals and play piano as an accompanyst to produce the best Piano / Vocal performance.
  3. Theory, Harmony & Arrangement - sight reading skills and Ear training are all essential parts of becoming a good musician. In this course you will learn to transcribe a song that you want to play or sing and learn to read pop/jazz sheet music. Some musicians play naturally by ear and others are trained to read music. Imagine utilising both these skills!
  4. Songwriting skills – the basics of writing a pop song. Develop skills to take advantage of any creative ideas or moments of inspiration.
  5. Basic recording skills (Protools) - to be able to record midi /instrument tracks and wave tracks (Guitar /Piano/Bass/Vocals. Basic recording course available.
  6. Performance skills – how to be a better performer and capture a crowd. Have them coming back to see you again and again!
  7. Repertoire / Songlist advice and support - make sure you have the right songs for your gig!

Any of the above courses are offered individually as a 30-minute lesson or in a package.

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