Artist Development Centre

Sharing the Joy of Music througha Teaching and Playing

Artist Development Centre is a Gold Coast based music centre for all skill levels, ages, and musical aspirations. With learners ranging from teens to adults, this is where you grow into a real musician.

We strive to enrich young talented artists with top-tier mentoring by not only providing them exceptional Piano Lessons in styles of Jazz, Pop and Rock in a comfortable, inspiring and resourceful environment but also offering lessons in theory, arrangement, and production of quality music. Our Performance music program gives students the opportunity to perform in real shows at local rock venues. 

While jamming on stage with their classmates, your child or teen will learn important life skills focused on responsibility and teamwork. Artist Development Centre aims to guide its learners through a step-by-step process that will lead them towards the ultimate goal of performing live in front of an audience.

Our performance-based music education gives learners the tools to write, compose, produce and play songs with confidence alone or in a band setting; by learning fundamental music skills like stage performance, harmonies, and musicianship. We not only teach private music lessons in-person but we teach all the tricks and techniques of a successful performance and provide help in getting your own gigs in Australia and internationally. At the Artist Development Centre, we do it all!

Turning Passion Into A Real Skill

Whether you are beginning a musical journey, continuing with your studies, or returning to a passion, come experience the gift of music with Cezar, renowned Pianist, Performer and Music Teacher. Cezar has been teaching students of all levels, skills and ages for over 30 years. His approach in teaching is catered to each individual, because he understands that everyone learns at a different pace.

We provide students confidence and solid understanding of their craft, and what it takes to compose great music. We believe that everyone interested in music of any kind can benefit greatly from acquiring piano skills!

We take piano lessons a step further by encouraging them to perform in front of large audiences, prepare them for gigs and concerts, assist them in building a repertoire of songs, encourage them to record a demo and help them get gigs nationally and internationally. It’s our mission to help you become a successful performer, whatever your style or interest.